Do women like husky/fat men?

Ever since I was a kid I've always been big. I was called names haf food thrown at me, and people just stared at me you know the usual. But until now three years ago i weighed about 450lbs and now I weigh 258lbs. I'm a virgin and I've never been in a relationship and I like this girl who comes to my bar, I'm a bartender, and I'm worried that she will be like everyone well I've adked my friends and they tell me I have a body like a taller versiin, at 6'4, of kevin james did in here comes to boom and the looks of a prematurely black and gray Joe Manganiello only with a lot of facial scars.
Do women like husky/fat men?

So what do you think?

Also i found this list and see if this does something for you guys.

Yes, I love husky men
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Maybe, never thought about it before
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No, fat people make me sick
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Do women like husky/fat men?
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