How come I get along with the "unattractive" girls more than the popular hot ones?

I've been doing some online dating lately, and you know.. it's dating..

When i look at most of the popular girls on the site their Bio usually says something like

"Fun, Outgoing girl, love to listen to music, dance, and cuddle. Follow me on IG, and snapchat,
If you message me about anything sexual, or creepy i'll block you"

Something like that, and god knows if you flirt they'll curse you the... out
And they post seductive pictures, always have seductive posts and wonder why guys are all over them.

And the "Unattractive girls"..
Well here's a good example of one i just met
people dont really mess with her because she's "Unattractive"
i started talking to her because she looked friendly and im not into the typical popular hot instagram girls these days

Im more into a girl who is nice to everyone, doesn't care how she looks still smiles for her camera,
people comment ugly, etc on her profile picture and she comments somthing like "thanks"

Thats the exact girl im looking for one who knows she's beautifiul and doesn't need to prove it,
and when you message them, they like games, movies, and are just plain awesome...

Its like... the girl everyone wants is a smartass, they have too much ego, and think they're all that, they don't want to talk to anyone unless you're like the best looking.. i just dont see how guys find that attractive? am i wrong?
How come I get along with the "unattractive" girls more than the popular hot ones?
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