What is your personal example of a perfect, stone cold 10?

I'll go with the chick from Modern Family, she's super cute and has everything i need... Her type plus a bubble butt is my perfect example of Woman.
What is your personal example of a perfect, stone cold 10?

I got a real thing for brunette, bubbly, super cute gerbil women <3

Oh, and Emma Rossum and Paula GarcΓ©s.

These women, and types like them of all shapes and sizes are my personal eamples of a perfect, stone cold fox... Hell Yeah!

Sex Machine has to approve, I'm out...


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  • Sarah Hyland is attractive, but I gotta


    ... that means pass for y'all who didn't get it. I'm passing on her. Get the joke? Ahh fuck it.

    Emmy Rossum is attractive too, and I'm starting to notice a pattern in the kind of women you like. In any case she's not a dime so I gotta


    Fly birdy fly.

    At last Paula GarcΓ©s. Again I see a pattern here. It's clear you have a type, which is fine. I ain't hating. She's attractive, but not even as attractive as the first two so she's for sure not a dime. You know what that means.


    So who are dimes to me? Shit I don't even know. The closest I've seen off the top of my head is Kerry Washington.

    This girl here is close too.


    Wooooo. Can you say slam dunk?


    • Kerry washington is an average pretty woman who is woefully overrated, and that second chick has lips that should have a hook in them lol
      But i said personal example for a reason, so thanks :)

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    • @queenmariereigns Well according to you you're not mixed. You're "African American."

      Well if African American is an ethnicity then I choose not to be a part of it. Is that okay?

    • @queenmariereigns (fill)

  • Current:

    Amy Adams
    Emma Stone
    Emma Watson
    Zoe Deschanel
    Alicia Vikander
    Zoe Kazan

  • Simply @ElissaDido

  • You know what sucks?

    When the hottest woman you ever saw is a tranny.

  • I think you secretly have a whole collection of pictures from women bro lol

  • There's no such thing as a 10.

    • A bold stance!

      And in general, no there is no perfect women. but to everyone there's a type they think are perfect for them.

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    • I don't know man, I'm against personality playing into attractiveness too since objectively hot is objectively hot, but that aspect of personality actually influences attractiveness to me. I mean a woman could be a homophobe, a racist, or whatever and I'd still find you objectively hot despite what an amoral piece of shit they were, but putting me through shit that I don't want to deal with drops my physical attraction to a woman (if even only slightly).

    • Well, nothing wrong with that.

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