First date at the mall

What is your opinion about taking a girl for first date at the mall (quite big), which is almost 1 hour away with a car? We are from same city and I would pick her up and drive there.

Do you think the driving back home will ruin the (hope so) good impression?

Now, the first date is over... :) We went out where she studies and it was great. What about taking her to mall (no, I am not obsessed with this mall :) ) and then for a walk in the city center for second date?


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  • I think the mall would be a horrible first date. I would try to keep a first date short, three hours max. A typical first date for me would be having a couple of drinks or having dinner. Three hours is a long time to spend with someone you barely know. I like there to be a "fire escape" on the first few dates. If she or I thought things were going south, I like to have an "out" that either one of could use to comfortably end the date.

  • Until you have full titty privileges, I'd stay away from the mall. Keep the dates pretty short 4-5 hours max. I would take things slow. When you get titty privileges, you can relax a little.

    • Sorry, what is titty priveleges? :)