My boyfriend is too happy all the time? How do I break up with him?

I wanna punch him in the dick half the time. How can someone never not be smiling and laughing? We've been together 6 months and I can't stand it I wanna see him upset Or angry at least once. But that's not happening so how do I tell someone I don't want to be with them because they're too happy?


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  • How can someone start dating someone without knowing about something like this; something so extreme?

    • I used to find it endearing because I'm kind of glass half empty and it's nice to see someone that's happy but like, all the time?

    • Maybe it's the enthusiasm more than anything actually

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  • What is happening to this world? O_o"
    One would wish to see their partner
    always happy, laughing and smiling!

    I hope you are trolling~!

    • i hope so too

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    • she's not trolling.. she wants a to see some passion out of the dude..

      that's all.

    • @orphan passion could be expressed without
      him being upset and all. She said he is
      enthusiastic; isn't that similar to passion?

      I would say she needs to have a serious talk
      with him instead of dumping him just because
      of that.

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  • Wow... Aren't you a horrible person.

    • I'm not horrible it's how I really feel I wouldn't treat him any badly that's why I'm on here asking how I can handle this delicate

    • Delicately

  • Trolling?

  • Yea and then what? When you need your day brightened you go seeking him out again? I don't think you want to be remembered as the one who took his smile away for good.

  • women lol fucking stupid

  • Don’t be an asshole. Just because you have one, it doesn’t mean it’s okay to act like it.

    • I'd never be an asshole to him I'm just expressing my raw emotions on here of course I'd edit.

    • I'm sorry, some actions just earn us these titles. Upto you really.

  • The poor guy, just dump him and get the fuck out of his life!
    He deserves better than you!

    • That's why I'm asking how I know I have to.

    • Wow, my comment came out really rude. I apologize.

      Just pull him aside, in private and tell him you want to break up.

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  • Tell him that your basic personalities clash. That you are very much in inward thinker. You self analyze and you cannot connect with him on an emotional basis. That's a nice way of saying what's going on

  • Oh, why not just inject him with epinephrine? That'll definitely give him some sort of emotion!! If you want specifics, it'll either induce anger or anxiety. Cool life hack, huh?

    Smh… there's nothing wrong with being happy. You should be glad he isn't constantly paranoid or depressed.