Girl always tells me her problems?

This is more like twofer special two questions in one.

The background information is there is a girl whom I'm interested whom is going on and off with her boyfriend. For some reason she tells me certain things about it, I'm slow when it comes to these things. My boys says she is trying to get me to ask her out. I have always thought that if a girl is doing that she is not interested. Then I don't want to go in this and end up as the sucker, where I'm here taking her out and then in the end I get nothing. I think she might like me but like i have said I suck when it comes to picking up subtle signs and certain norms. I know she goes home every so often and she sees him and he is going to be getting everything I am going to be trying to work for. Not to mention they have several years of history, which makes it easier for him since she has feelings for him and I'm the new guy.

1.) Would you going in and trying to get her?
2.) if you do how would you try and not end up as the sucker?


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  • She considers you a friend. That's why she's telling you about her problems.


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  • I wouldn't pursue it unless you can talk her into getting away from the other guy.

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