What if a girl tells you her darkest secret?

What should I take from a girl telling me about her being a lesbian for a stretch in her life? Is that a friendzone thing or a I really like and trust you thing.. I'm not sure just because you may be in the friendzone don't mean she'll tell you these types of things because she should tell the same things to the man in her life right?

Also I've known her since the 10th grade so it's not like a I met her recently thing. I should have said that we've always been close and talk but never went that deep


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  • . It's a great compliment to your "character" because it's evidence she trusts your loyalty.

    I'd appreciate someone trusting my loyalty above all else, because loyalty is extremely rare... even amongst friends. So for a girl to recognise that quality in you is to be admired.


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  • It is a toss up she trusts you complicatedly however she most likely does not see you as someone she wants to date. When ever women have told me their secrets I'm deep in the freindzone with them or I have been dating her for a year or two. If you really don't know ask her close freinds if she likes you. They will know and if they like you then they will tell you.

    • What if I've known her for 4 years because it's been a long time and our conversation never got that deep

    • If she is your freind then she is trusting you as a freind.

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  • I'd take it as a "I trust you" kind of thing.


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  • She's comfortable enough around you to not feel like you're gonna judge her. Could be good. Could be bad.

  • Well I don't think it's a dark secret its jury part of who she is. I've been bisexual all my life and don't think it a big deal. Maybe she is just loving finding someone she can be open and honest with. It's like a breath of fresh air trust me

    • She was only with one girl one time.. Plus I've known her since I was in high school any thoughts on that I should have added how long we've known each other it's been 4 years

    • Well she probably is bisexual or was experimenting with her sexuality. It doesn't make her a full time lesbian. But you two sound close to stay friends so long so hopefully one day you'll be closer again.