How to tell if a man is secretly in love with you? We are friends and I think its becoming more!

I have a feeling a male friend of mine is falling in love with me but hasn't found the courage to tell me he has feelings for me. Do the following things mean he secretly loves you but hasn't spilled the beans yet?

1)Very sick puppy dog look in his eyes when he looks at you

2)Locks eyes and doesn't look away when talking to you

3)Stares from across the room and looks away when caught

4)Sometimes when caught admiring you, he smiles wide

5)Smiles from ear to ear the whole time you are talking to him

6)Loves to touch you gently

7)Full of compliments, really sweet ones

8)Uses your first name all the time when talking with you

9)Likes to talk about both your and his families

10)Remembers all details about you and what you have talked about

11)Tells you all his deepest darkest secrets and isn't embarrassed

12)Tells you that you are amazing and someone would be very lucky to have you in their life, romantically.

13)Moving slow and respectful of your feelings. Not rushing you.

14)When you two are talking, no one else in the world exists at that moment. You feel like you are on your own planet.

15)I have butterflies when he touches me ANYWHERE!

16)There is major electricity, sparks, fireworks when we are anywhere near each other. You could cut it with a knife!

17)Compatible on every level, conversation flows amazingly well all the time.

I keep running through these things in my mind and have a really good feeling that he's developing more that "friend" feelings for me. I have feelings for him too and would be estatic if that were the case.

What's a girl to do? Do you think he's falling for me too?


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  • Ask him out on a date. Yes!


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What Guys Said 1

  • i think youve already fallen for him that's a fact..all the moves have been made:)

    • Oh trust me, I am head over heals! Just want to make sure I am reading him correctly. We are good friends and don't want to mess that up!

What Girls Said 1

  • go for it...omg..can't wait for that kiss...tell me how it goes?

    • LOL..Me either! I am going crazy! I am supposed to see him tomorrow and we have an informal "date" scheduled for next Wed evening :)