Is 5'6" good height? poll?

I m curious about my height... i tried very hard to increase my height but no luck still 5 feet 6inches... please do give ur honest opinion... and urs n ur preferred height just to evaluate height difference by the way girl n guy
Is 5'6
Is 5'6" good height? poll?

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  • average but should be hot
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  • below average but must be awesome
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  • short... little boy... go away
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  • no clue c results
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd be alright with it. That's a tad taller than me and I don't like looking up at people and super short people... nahh. You're fine in my opinion.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It shouldn't matter too much. You don't even look 5'6. I would've assumed that you were borderline 6 ft based on the pictures above. You look good though, I think that's what matters more.


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  • Yeah that's alright man. Many prefers taller, but it is what it is

  • Below average height, but nothing you can do about it. I'm 5'10.5, so even I'm not the godlike 6ft.

  • I am about 5'7" and I feel normal :P

  • I'm 5'4.. 😂
    If I could be 5'6 I'd take it..

  • It's good. I'm shorter.

    • are you really? how short are you?

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    • never mind! my b. i think that was consultingisback that met him. anyways that's weird. i'm a foot taller than you. but yeah, i guess that's the most important thing is being taller than the chicks ;)

    • @Other_Tommy_Wiseau Ah. Probably so. Yeah I've met people taller than me lol. My female 2nd cousin is 6'2.

      Nah not really. I mean females taller than me have wanted me too. I've fucked two females who were taller than me. One by just an inch. The other by like two or three. There have been tall females into me though.

      I'm not saying females don't care about height. Some do, but the ones who do probably don't even look my way. The ones who don't care I'm sure are attracted. Hell remember I told you about that German Polish girl? She's 5'10 without shoes lol. She tried talking to me first.

  • That's freaky short, I am the same it sucks man.


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