He went MIA on me, now what?

I saw him last Sunday, kissed him goodbye and then heard nothing until I messaged him Tuesday basically saying what is going on...

Tuesday response - I don't really know how to reply to this. But I really appreciate you giving me space and don't think that I haven't noticed cause I have :) I'm extremely busy at the moment with this JRN SIM but I'm not going to forget you. I'll speak to you soon xx

Decided to leave it and not respond.

Saturday he sent - "miss you" I said "you too"

Sunday he sent "Just wanted to text you and say I've extremely missed your 10/10 rig xx"
I briefly had a conversation with him and then he never responded to a text i sent in the morning.

I know he will come back - probably with a "miss you" or offer to catch up when he comes back to town but i honestly don't know how to react. I know he has been going through a REALLY tough personal time recently and thats why i have been fine with giving him some space but i honestly don't know what to do now.


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  • Arrghh I totally know how you feel, I'm kinda in the same boat. I figured the best thing to do is to just enjoy the ride! You know, go with the flow. If he wants to be the one initiating, let him. When you are in the mood, go see him. When not, decline (I know this is hard because you are probably always in the mood for him lol), but let him chase you a bit. Don't text, don't call, just live your life like you did before you met him. Check out some other guys, too. Life is too short too be stressing about guys, really! Especially the ones who put little to no effort. :/ In the end, you got nothing to lose. If he likes you enough he will come to his senses. But only on his own, you can't do anything about it. So, yeah, my advice is to do absolutely nothing! It worked for me. :)

    • I just thought that maybe if he missed me he would actually want to talk to me more rather than just saying it a few times and then go away again… it's hurts :(

  • Continue to give him space, and don't be so quick to respond. When he comes crawling back, make sure to let him know that, you're not gonna sit around and wait for him. He either wants to be together or he doesn't. I hate this half and half effort!