My boyfriend follows girls on instagram?

My boyfriend always follows random girls on instagram when were dating but when we brake up he always dms girls on intsagram so i have a problem with him following girls do you think I'm over reacting?

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  • Yep, you're overreacting.


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  • When you break up? How many times does that happen...


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  • Meh if he is DMing slooty chicks on IG after you broke up and still talking to them then no you aren't over reacting.

  • I think it's not harmful if he just follows random girls. It's very unlikely that he'll meet them anyway. I'm also following some random girls if I find them as hot. I have my girlfriend for 8 years and I would never cheated on her.

    • buut i barley see him so I'm scared of him thinking their hot and then leaving me for them

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    • so you don't think i should be all stressed out that he's gonna leave them for me and dm them or anything?

    • Exactly. Right now I've been watching Kate Upton, and I won't leave my girlfriend. Most likely he just like to see their bodies. That's it. I would suggest ignore it, forget about him following some chicks on IG. Also sometimes I'm watching porn and one of the pornstars I know in person. I used to live with her. And again, I'm happily 8 years with my current girlfriend. She's the one who care about me. She's the one who helping me. She's the one who filling my wishes and fantasies. That's most important thing. I can follow million hottest women on this planet, but still, I would never leave my girlfriend.

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