Can someone LIKE you but FRIENDZONE you TEMPORARILY?

He/she flirts and shows interest but says they can only be friends "for right now"

  • Yeah, been through it myself or know someone who has
  • No, doesn't work that way
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  • Yes. That's how I usually am. Only keep a guy on the friendzone for 3 reasons: I see him as only a friend, I just met him and still need more time before I can decide to date him, or I do like him, but I'm not fully sure about it yet.

    • thanks for the details, very helpful.

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    • Sorry, misread that last question. But anywho... I would tell them that we should just be friends for now to give myself more time to decide if I can date them.

    • Np, really appreciate you sharing your perspective! 😊

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  • ok the friend zone is bullshit made up by guys who lack the confidence to move from being friends to something more.. That being said if its bullshit you can't be really stuck there so there is always a chance to become more and with what your saying i think it would be ok.

    • Yeah, I'm not one if those idiots who thinks "once friend zoned always friendzoned" I'm just really confused as I am going through it myself right now with this girl I really like. She showed clear interest and flirted with me in class but when I asked her out she said she recently broke up and can only be friends for right now. (I waited to ask her out for several weeks to make sure I wasn't just assumimg she liked me)

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    • Yeah ik, texting is not the best and she did say we can hang out as friends so maybe I'll look into that when I get back. thanks for the help man

    • Happy to help brother

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  • Yes.

  • o, doesn't work that way -