Co worker/crush is leaving, should I say anything?

I have built a rapport with my co worker whom I fell for but we work in different departments. We have little to no work related interactions. He's always friendly and was giving off subtle signs of interest. However, 1 month ago I decided to give him my number and told him to text sometime. I'm leaving the company in few months so I figured out that i have nothing to lose. He smiled and said sure... then when I ran into him the next day he gave me some bs excuse about how he broke his phone and lost my number. He didn't ask for my number again so it was clearly polite brush off. I searched him on face book and even though he's status is set to single, he has several pics with another female. It looks like they're an item but it's hard to tell

In any event, other than saying hi , there hasn't been much interactions at work and there have certainly been zero reference about me giving him my number. Neither of us brought it up. However, few days ago I noticed that his position was posted so I asked the pay roll staff out of curiosity. It turns out that he resigned and this week is his last week. I have to admit that i'm little bummed out and I'm going to miss seeing him around. I still like him as a person.

Should I bring to his attention that I found out he is leaving and wish him well? Or should I just pretend that i'm unware of it?
Co worker/crush is leaving, should I say anything?
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