If a girl asks why you're single, is this a sure sign she's interested?

Does that mean she's surprised that you're available? Is she just being nosey? What do people think?

i told her why i was single and she then went onto to talk about what she's like. I am all for a committed relationship after struggling with committment issues for years. I haven't liked a girl like this in years. I get nervous everytime i know im going to see her. I really can't remember the last time i felt like this and everytime i have felt like this it hasn't always worked out. Im hoping this is it... I dont even consider other girls even on a night out. Its like my heart is set on this girl. I just dont want to miss the chance if there is one.

So back to the question is that a sure sign of interest?


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  • It could be all things that you are asking. She could be surprised, or she could be wanting to know your busy. It simple depends on how genuine she feels towards your situation. I think you would know if she was being nosey if she laughed, chuckled or giggled at your answer. But if she hasn't done that, and she shows that she is. Why not? You can try. Just don't sell yourself short just because your only interest is her. Because if your heart isn't in the right place, it can fool you.

    • Its hard to describe her reaction to my answer but it came across as if she was possibly gutted about my response. she went onto say how she's loyal and wants to feel wanted. I just dont want to make a tit of myself. I've asked other people what they think. Most people think i should make a move but im not sure

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    • @Asker Okay, no prob. Just be watchful for any signs if she is truly ready to commit in a relationship with you. That's all you can do. Hope things work out.

    • thanks for your advice. its spot on tbh

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