Men I need your help! He's older than me, we're both dense, he's weird, and well could he like me?

The signs

He face me fully when talking to me and honestly even when talking to others, sometimes he's talking to a friend and looking dead at me with his back turned to the actual person, he usually has his legs spread open

He describes the type of girl he likes it and very specific from where she should be from! And it fits me.

He holds my hand to lead me around with both of his

Has sent me love songs, sings random parts of love songs to me when I walk by, talks loudly when I walk by, obviously eaves drops my conversations

Shown interest in things I like

Sometimes mid conversation he seems to disappear in his own world and just looks in my eyes and starts stroking my hair or face or winking and nudging me

He's started pointing at me, not and laughing but like I want blah blah *point* or something about sex and point at me (he's not talking about me even its just odd lol)

He's hyperactive sometimes and does silly things to get my attention after having ignored me (why ignore me?), but the moment I stop paying attention he tries to get my attention back, has even pulled me from conversations for no real reason.

He'll sat crazy close on top of me practically and talk so close, I've almost swiped his mouth with mine by turning my head but then other times he'll sat far away or move away. But why does he not sit near me sometimes? Like he'll set across instead of beside.

Sometimes he keeps his hand on his crotch, like at the pool he literally could not move that hand, was he maybe excited?

He's very well aware of what I am thinking and feeling, and I am sort of hard for people to sort out

He brags about work, athleticism stuff like that

He hugs me, holds me quite a while, full contact, hands very low down, sometimes he presses his face to mine. Hugs me sometimes randomly. Like I have to go to the bathroom hug and bolt. Has never slapped by back sometimes rubs it, well sometimes hold my arms after and look at me

Teases me

Compares other girls, there not as good as you, he's been single for A LONG time since we met

I am not even sure if he realizes himself when I tried to ask he just rambled and then grabbed me and I said I love and then inserted something ridiculous instead very odd because he seemed so earnest and then he drug me away and tried again later and said something I didn't hear but he would only smile and not repeat. Yet other times he seems to deny liking anyone and acts like he's well so badass and cold, but he's a nice guy so its odd :-P

He does not call me though so that's to me a sure sign of no (not that I like talking on the phone), and he doesn't answer my emails until we see each other or chat online and answers them more in person

Gets nervous when we're alone and seems nervous to be alone with me but can sometimes be quite bold if people are around

Men I need your help! He's older than me, we're both dense, he's weird, and well could he like me?
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