Should I knock on his door?

I have this cute neighbor and I am moving soon. He always seemed shy around me. Is it too creepy to knock on his door and ask him out?


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  • Go ahead and knock down his door and kiss him hard!.. Only if he is single

  • No point since you will be moving out that kinda defeats the whole purpose of asking him out then.


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  • Lol I feel you, there's this really handsome guy living in my building (I'm living on a campus) and I've met him a couple of times in the laundry room and just outside now I'm planning to follow him next time I see him so I can find out where exactly he lives so I can knock his door and pretend I need something to get to know him and stalk him to find out whether he's single or not 😁😅 #notcreepy

    But seriously I don't think it's weird if you're his direct neighbor, just give it a shot or talk to him some more until you're sure he's also interested.

    • I don't live in his House. I live a few streets away. And the last time if Seen him was 3 months ago :/ should i still try it?

    • Hmm a lot of things can chance in 3 months.. but if you used to talk to him just stop by his house and ask him to just casually hang out and catch up on things, that's a good opportunity to get to know him better and if it goes well he might even be the one to ask you out at the end of it.