Why do guys ALWAYS try to sext me before the first date?

Now to be clear, I work super hard to stay away from fuckboys and players. I am so picky because I have absolutely no attraction or interest in bad boys. So I'm not sure if I'm weird and alone on this but every time I get asked out on a date by a guy, who seems nice, we start casually texting in the days leading up to the date. And I make an effort to keep the conversation strictly just casual, nice, Friendly, but make extra effort towards keeping it completely off the track that leads to sexting. Like I literally analyze every text I send to make sure it won't give these guys the idea that I'm looking for that. For me, I have no interest in sexual talk until I'm actually having sex with them, or leading to it. It really turns me off before I know them better. But no matter how hard I work almost EVERY GUY I've been on a date with has ended up stearing or attempting to stear the conversation towards a sexual note. Then it makes me seem like the prude/buzz kill for shutting it down.

Does anyone here know why this might be happening? Is this a thing most guys do or am I just unlucky? Especially since I take such care to never say things that might be taken as an invitation. I honestly don't get what I'm doing to bring this on 😂 HELP!!
Why do guys ALWAYS try to sext me before the first date?
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