Is it a turn off if a guy has a racecar as a bed?

@TuMeManques seems to think I will never be able to date any women if they found out my bed is a racecar. What do you think? Is she right or wrong gaggers?

by the way, I don't actually have a racecar for a bed. It was just a thought.


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  • If this was your bed, you probably aren't getting any pussy:

    However, if THIS was your bed, you could find women who would bang you in it:

    Having said that, I know at least 3 hot girls who would fuck me like crazy in this Millennium Falcon bed (they're also huge Star Wars fans, so that helps):

    And, years ago, I knew a girl who had a massive fire fighter fetish, and I came across some pictures of a motel where every room has a theme, including a "fire station room" with a fire truck bed made from a real fire truck. I sent her a picture of that room just because I knew she would enjoy it, and she wrote back "if I'm ever single again, you could take me there and have your dirty little way with me for as long as we could afford to stay there!"

    So, I guess you really have to know your audience...


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