Why are girls afraid of losing guy friends?

I notice most girls fear of losing their guy friends.

Even if they aren't even that close.

Do they get attached really fast? Are us guys missing something here, maybe they think the friendship is a lot more deep and meaningful?


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  • we can talk without fear of being judged as harshly with our guy friends and we feel safe and protected when we are with them and we don't want to lose them because of that and assorted reasons according to the friendship


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  • I knew a girl like this. But at the end of the day I realized she was just using me for self validation. I dont know if thats the case for you, but its more about the attention than the actual "friendship." You're not a dog; you don't get "lost." Ask her point blank why she's afraid of "losing you." Then decide from there.

    • Yes maybe attention or abandonment issues.

    • I read your other responses. That's definitely it man. she's narcisstic in a bad way, stay away from her if you can. You already put your feelings out there, she rejected you, but is still willing to disregard your feelings for her and get mad when you dont hit her up. Somehow its YOUR fault. Thats the mark of a selfish unsympathetuc person. Ditch her bro.

    • Yes it really sounds like it. I do have feelings though, and she makes me feel like everything is my fault. I feel so guilty and low.

      I am trying to get away from her, but I have to deal with her for a few more months.

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  • So when you loose a buddy you're friends with for years you wouldn't feel sad?

    • I would but...

      I liked this girl, we hung out twice, I asked her out but she had a boyfriend. It was nothing too close friendship wise, I would just call it acquaintances... So I stopped talking to her and she went crazy trying to talk to me and said sorry, but wants to be friends etc.

      Like she was really upset and angry at me... but I wanted to date her and she just wanted to be "friends" but we weren't that close?

    • If you weren't that close how did you develop feelings?

    • I don't know, just a crush? I thought we had a connection but when I look at at all we did was text and hang out twice, we never got onto a deeper level.

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  • I've only really heard that about when girls don't wanna date their guy friend, because they're "afraid of losing a friend". When in reality, they just don't find that guy friend attractive enough to date. A. k. a. FRIENDZONED.

    • I get that, but she won't let him walk away... She'll play games, make him think she will give him a chance, she doesn't want to date but doesn't want him to walk away

    • Yup, and if she does that she's an asshole.

    • Okay :)

  • How do they lose friends?

    • When guy admits he loves her, and she friendzones him... but he doesn't want to stay friends.