Going to be 32 and never been in a relationship, weird?

I keep getting bugged about being a relationship, I guess that has never been a priority of mine. I was a really late bloomer, didn't hit puberty until after high school. So never really had any experience with women in high school, I mean I tried because that was what you were supposed to do. But I knew I didn't stand a chance.

I'm an alright looking guy, 6'3" 200lbs, broad shoulders. I know women are attracted to me. But I never got in a groove of trying as after high school, I played games, focused on work. I really suck though. I went out with a couple girls, but they always seem to get mad at me for something small. I think it's because I wait too long to make a move. It's just because I don't know signals or I second guess them.

I read books on picking up women, some are just evil it seems. Some make sense and seem like good advice, but takes huge amounts of time and money. The only women I have been with really just throw themselves at me and seem more like a burden than an asset, no job, not trying to do anything. I can take care of myself, but don't want to stay poor over getting laid.

The amount of time and effort doesn't seem to actually be worth the reward, but I do want children or what is the point of making extra money. They can enjoy it when I die.

I think I'm a lost cause, I know I need to make more friends as I might meet a good girl through them. But then how will I have time to finish my projects?

I'm a mess in my head when I think about it, is it worth the effort? will women find it weird that I have never been in a relationship?
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Thanks for every ones input, I think I got a couple strategies to put myself out there. I always used the excuse not to do my work at Starbucks or something to be around people, because I don't have 4 monitors there.

But going to start bringing my laptop there on the weekends when I work.. maybe can meet a women there. Just got to do it. I got this.

Going to be 32 and never been in a relationship, weird?
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