Would you be bothered if a girl you date doesn't text or text really short replies?

I do not like to text at all. That does not mean i am not interested in person. I love genuine conversation in person. And I hate texting, it is waste of time unless you inform someone or you ask to meet up. Sometimes i dont even bother to text if messages are out of the blue like i an sleeping I am eating sushi I am drinking etc. style report texts. I need my space and time and I would like to give space and time to the guy i am dating too. We dont text at all, mainly because I dont, and we meet in person 1-3 times, on one of the days he stays with me. So i cut messages short such as

me: "Logan on Wed evening?"
Him: yes sure what time? I wanted to see it too. I am so excited everyone says it is the best xmen movie.
me: 7:10pm see you at XXX cine.

him:hey how is it going? What is new with you.
Me: good ty. Nothing new. You?
Him: i was sleeping all day. Night shift sucks. Did you hear Oscars scandal? I listened to it on nPR. Now I amgoing to Gym. Then back to work. What is your plan for the day?
me: work is the plan. Have fun.
Me: miss u. Sex at 6?
Him: yes sure j was gonna message you too i missed you too but i may be a bir late how was your day? by the way did you hear about blah blah blah.
Me: no i didn't. C u later.

him: i have had such a bad sleep.
me: ... (no answer)

Would this bother you guys?


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  • Well if she likes to talk instead then no I don't think I'd mind. More free time for me I guess.

    • How many hours a day do you text with your SO?

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    • Why convenient?

    • Because our families don't know of each other. That and we're from different countries.

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  • It would bother some of them because they might end up thinking that she is not as invested as they are in the relationship. I understand you though. I do not like texting as well.


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  • If she doesn't text that means she doesn't like you.
    For short text it depends on what's said.

    • I prefer talking in person and spending time together. Texting is stupid. Why should we talk about things on texts? And try to get to know each ther through texts?

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    • Not talking about that kinda date. We've been dating since four months

    • Then it depends on the relationship & the person. Just tell the other person you don't like texting but still love them.

  • Yeah cause that just shows me you're not interested like I am and I don't fuck with that.

    • But we meet 1 to 3 times a week to do things. Why would a guy think i am not interested just because I dont text but i rather prefer talking in person?

    • Then that's different, if you didn't see each other often then yeah that's kinda fishy. But if you meet up often then it's not really a big deal.

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