Am I texting too much? Will I scare him away?

I hung out with a guy I like. He texted me to make sure I got home and the next day he had fun.
Weve been texting everyday like normal for a whole month. I don't want to always seem available and for him to get bored. So I texted him to enjoy his vacation and to let me know whenever he wants to do something or eat to close it off. He texted me yeah let's do something. So I agreed and asked if he wanted me to pick. So I told him I will and let him know. I'm scared I'm being too much though and that he will disappear. How should I continue texting him? Should I go a few days of not doing so?

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What Guys Said 2

  • You're thinking way too much into it and that's when you'll make mistakes. Just relax, enjoy his company instead of worrying about if you're doing the wrong or right thing. You'll be able to sense if he's uncomfortable if he's not enjoying it.

    • Ok sooo just text him normally when he does text me then? I just do not want him to think I'm easy and available all the time. I was told guys find it unattractive.

    • Has every guy told you it's unattractive? Honestly, just ignore what people say when they generalise. You can't pinpoint everything an individual likes. Maybe he wants to know you're available all the time. The best thing to do is to honestly just relax and let your personality speak for itself. Worrying about trivial things often leads to confusion.

  • Most of the people in the comments are telling you to just go with the flow, don't worry, if he likes you it don't matter. I say BS.

    Too much contact is the kiss of death and the same thing is repeated again and again by people in new relationships. Continue going with the flow... and texting daily and in about 2 months time, it will fizzle out.

    The excitement of meeting someone new makes people make all of the same mistakes.

    • That's how I'm feeling. I've experienced that before and now I'm getting scared. I mean he's the one that always text me first and I respond. I'm starting to think that I should be very straight forward and just text him but close conversations. We text all day and I'm starting to think it's going to get him fizzled out and me as well.
      Like just now he texted me but now he's not texting as much... I'm getting very anxious because I feel like I did something wrong. I was asking him to hangout again but I just feel like he doesn't want to... it's adding more stress on to me.

What Girls Said 1

  • If you like him, show it. If he likes you, it doesn't matter if you text "too much" which you don't. ;)

    • I hope he likes me haha
      I think he does but yeah I'll keep it normal and do what I'm already doing then.

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