How long should heartbreak last?

It's been a month since I split from my girlfriend and I still feel awful. It's not my first relationship and I have been dumped before but I've never felt this way about a girl before and the pain is no better than the day she dumped me.

The split was amicable and we are still on speaking terms but she seems to have moved on and has even started seeing another guy which has just made things even worse. I feel like I really have lost her for good.

We split because our LDR wasn't working. We were living in the same city until a month before she dumped me when she moved away to college She said she is too busy and didn't think she could commit a fair amount of time to seeing me.

This made it worse as I didn't do anything wrong and felt we were pulled apart by factors out of our control. I just keep wondering what would've been if we had lived in the same place.

I just don't know what to do anymore. The pain is with me every waking minute and I'm sick of feeling like this but nothing seems to make it any better.

I have tried socialising etc and whilst I am out I do think about her less but she is still in my mind when I start talking to other girls. I find myself drinking more to take my mind off her but it always comes back the next day when I'm sober. I can't keep doing this as I'm spending so much money on going out and getting drunk and I know it's not doing my health any good.

I don't know what else I can do to forget her. Some tips of recently heartbroken people would be invaluable. How long has it taken others to feel OK?

Has anyone else relationships been ruined by long distance and how did they cope with the break up? I know everyone says time will heal all wounds but surely by a month I should be seeing some improvement. We are still on speaking terms and we've texted a little but it's been more as friends which is horrible. I feel like I don't want her out of life but it is so hard to speak to her as just friends, should I just stop speaking to her and how hard is this to do? We went 2 weeks without talking but I crumbled and text her. I'm scared if I cut contact I'll never speak to her again which I'm not sure I want to do but is I've been told whilst you still in contact you will not get over her?

Also how do you cope with your ex seeing another guy? What's worse is this guy has liked her for ages and she always said he was nothing more than a friend but I feel a little like I have been betrayed by her sudden change of emotions towards him. I can't stop thinking about them together and it makes me feel physically sick that they may have a future together.

I just don't look at other girls the same and compare everyone to my ex. Will this ever change and what can I do to give new girls a fair opportunity?

Sorry if this post is overlong. I have so many emotions inside me at the moment I feel like I could go on and on but I know it's pointless. Anyone who's been in a similar situation your experiences would be so helpful?
How long should heartbreak last?
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