I think I'm ruining my relationship with my insecurities?

I came out of a really long relationship & am now with someone new. I'm so attracted to him & besotted by him that I am worried about loosing him. The pill that I was taking was making me feel really low & my insecurities came out quite a bit during that time, I have just changed the pill so should start feeling more human again soon!!
Anyway, our relationship has been great & he knows how I was feeling & the reasons why. However the other night my phone binged & it was tinder saying I had been super liked. Now we both had tinder before we met & I have not used it since we starting seeing each other & completely forgot about deleting it. He saw the notification on my phone & asked me about it, I explained the above & he said he understood but was still worried that I could have been using the app (I would of been the same) - so I deleted it there & then.
Now I am worried that he has backed away slightly since that happened & im worried I might loose him from lack of trust from him. Or that he is going to start talking to other girls (he has a lot of girls on social networking that he used to talk to from what he's said). I'm finding myself being more quite around him & getting paranoid when he's on his phone around me, which seems to be quite often. We both have very different lives so me being quite, I'm finding it hard to even think of things to make a convo out of.. then he asks why I'm so quiet & I don't know what to do! I can't tell him I think he's going to talk to other girls & leave me cos that sounds so mad. And as much as this post sounds mad, I don't want to be one of those crazy girlfriends!

What can I do to chill myself out or stop myself from ruining what we have?
Any suggestions would be amazing, negative or otherwise!!!
I think I'm ruining my relationship with my insecurities?
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