First date - I couldn't read him at all

A little help with what to think please!

Tonight we went out to a movie - he paid, and it was very casual, but I couldn't tell if we were hitting it off at all or if he was even interested, or if maybe he's just that kind of guy? Let me back up and give details.

We were there early enough before the movie started to have time to chat while we waited. Mostly he was telling me stories about himself, I thought maybe to impress me, which he did, although he could have been just making conversation. It was our first time really hanging out, so it felt a little stiff and there was no flirting at all. Very much unlike the way we were chatting through AIM prior where he was much more forward and flirty. Then during the movie, obviously no talking, and we pretty much kept to ourselves, we might have leaned towards each other a little but I couldn't tell if he was really doing it. After the movie, it was still that same stiff atmosphere all the way through til the end of the date.

Afterward, when I got home and on the computer, he messaged me on AIM thanking me for the night and we talked again just like we did prior to the movie, comfortable and flirty-ish. I was a little surprised considering it didn't feel at all the same way when we actually were with each other.

So I guess I wanted to know if he was/still is interested? He seems interested online, but really not when we're together in person...


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  • He's interested, but maybe kind of shy. It's easy to be flirty or forward when you don't have the pressure of someone face to face and time to think about what you say before you actually say it. Not so much when you're face to face. Give him time to get to know you better and he'll probably come out of his shell.


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  • I sounds like he's scared, and uses the computer as a means of hiding. It sounds like he's into you, but make him pursue you more in person by pulling back online. Don't be so available to chat with him online. Make him work for it!