I never went to summer camp as a kid.

Did I miss out on fun social experiences?

I never had many friends and I've never been in a relationship (I've never been on a date even), so I'd like to know what I missed out on. Is there any chance I can discover that stuff for the first time now, in my mid-late 20s?


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  • I don't think you missed out on anything. I did summer camps when I was younger and I don't think they were life changing experiences


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  • I went to 4 Summer camps. You didn't miss out.

    • What were they like? What kind of stuff do kids do (or get away with)

    • We were basically slaves for 5 days. We ate when they allowed us to, we bunked in tiny crappy beds, we did all sorts of gay activities (sports and artsy stuff), we all had to listen to a lecture at the end of every day. Interaction with the opposite sex was pretty much constant, but none of it was anything like the media suggests.

    • I was 8 - 11 so it was before I got into any heavy trouble making, but I doubt you could get away with much because just for refusing to do some gay activity I was scolded.