What do people really mean when they say "you look good together" about you and your partner?

Just wondering what angle people come from when they say this as I always hear it from people about me and my partner. Is it just a generic compliment that's given freely because it's a done thing to say or do people mean you suit each other's style etc. What are your guys takes on this if you've ever said it or had it said to you...


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  • You probably actually look good together. As in both hot.

  • It just means you make a great couple


What Girls Said 1

  • Seems like a trivial compliment to waste effort pondering. I wouldn't care what someone else says about me and my partner. If it is a random stranger I don't know enough about the person or their behaviors to make a judgment of character, compliments are thrown about easily anymore, only matters to me how I perceive the relationship. I would say thanks and move on.

    • It's only because I hear it so much from lots of different people so it's not exactly a trivial thing anymore.

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    • I mean it just seems like something kind of silly to wonder about. You are basically asking; why people looking from the outside of your relationship, are complimenting you. And that is a hard question to answer psychologically.

      It is usually a very positive statement. Or the person (s) could be envious.
      They could be truly happy for you.

    • It's not silly really, it's just curiosity considering it seems to be the most common one I hear. I wonder why you think it's silly though and have commented without really giving an angle of interpretation beyond it being positive. Oh well, thanks anyway.

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