Does my coworker like me?

He's 17 and I'm 19. I said once that I only date guys 18 and up and he said "well. I'm 18"

On two occasions, he got really close to me, like I could feel his chest on my shoulder (he's way taller than me) I had my hand on a bread tray and he put his hand over mine and left it there until I said "hey".

Then a week ago, my shirt got stuck on a bread tray and I accidentally flashed my female coworker. She joked about it later and my crush said "damn. I missed it". Later, a coworker asked where I had tattoos and I mentioned my underboob tattoo and he said "show it. Come on" and my female coworker called him a perv and he just laughed.

Another time, he took off his hat and said "I'm cute, right?" And I just laughed. I also recently went to a concert and he kept asking me questions about it and said "no invite?" Like he was interested in going. He asked who the band was and admitted to not knowing but was gonna try to go. Later on he said he couldn't because he worked that day.

I can't tell if he likes me but his best friend who also works with us likes me. And is very obvious about it. But whenever we all work together, my crush ignores me. But whenever it's just me and my crush, he talks to me. So does he like me?
Does my coworker like me?
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