If a guy kissed you on the cheek while you were hugging, what would you think?

OK, I've been friends with this girl for like a year. I have a crush on her and I think she may like me.

We went to the fair last night and both of us had a lot of fun. Went on rides, shared funnel cake, saw a concert, blah blah. Anyway, she drove me home and when we were hugging, like we normally do, I kissed her on the cheek. She looked normally surprised and she was like feeling her cheek but we didn't say anything about it.

We hung out again today (went to see a play and then I went to go help her with her homework at her house) and neither of us brought it up.

We hug like every single time we're done hanging out but this was the first time I kissed.


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  • Well if I was the girl in your situation and I had a crush on you back, then I would be surprised in a good way. Hmm, I think she just wasn't expecting you to kiss her on the cheek. Maybe she likes you too and is just shy about it and that's why she didn't bring it up. Its a good sign that you guys hung out again the next day so I'm thinking that she thought good things. Hope this helps :)

    • I've been thinking she has a crush on me too but I just think I could have odne it better. It came out of nowhere and it was really fast. And we hung out again today because we've been planning it (Even though she canceled at first, I convinced her not to lol)

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    • True.. I just can't decide what to do lol

      Making a physical move would be nicer but I just can never find the good chance to do it

    • And I don't know if I said, but I managed to get her to uncancel the play with me. I originally told her the wrong time and the right time interfered with her schedule (homework) but at the fair, I managed to convince her to go with me still.

      She said she had a good time and it was worth it :)

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  • i would think he was interested in me.

  • If I liked him it would probably be like those old cartoons where when someone kisses them they walk away all loopy with hearts floating around their head lol but that's just me


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