Does the content of a drunk text make any difference to its meaning? Help settle an argument.

A guy friend told me that there are different types of drunk texts, I disagree. He said that drunk texts don't necessarily mean booty call, yet again I disagree. I think when a guy decides to drunk text a girl its not about trying to relay some kind of feelings no matter what the text says he wants to get laid. So guys and girls, who do you agree more with, me or him?

Ok so what you're both saying is if a guy drunk texts I love you he should be believed? Not taken literally but believed that he has some sort of feeling for the girl?


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  • I agree with your friend.

    Alcohol acts as a social lubricant. For a lot of people, it makes it easier to say or do things that you might be more reserved about when sober. Sometimes its about getting laid, but sometimes it just gives you the liquid confidence to tell someone how you really feel.

    • 1 nil to him. So what the difference in the texts, how can you tell?

    • Well, to be honest, I don't really text much.. but I see it similar to chatting online (like through MSN, etc.). It's hard to tell *how* someone means what they're saying when it's text-based. Being drunk makes it easier to tell someone how you feel and it makes it easier to proposition someone for sex, but if it's text-based, it makes it even easier because you feel removed from the situation and because of the fact that you can't tell how someone means something, if you react negatively to

    • What they've said, they can play it off as 1) I was drunk so I didn't really mean it; and 2) I was just joking (since if its text-based, you can't read into body language, sincerity in their tone, etc.).

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  • Your friend is right. If the drunk text just talks about feelings or whatever with no mention of getting together then its not a booty call text. I've drunk texted a girl who was a few hundred miles away and told her how I felt. There was no possible way it was a booty call since she was so far away.


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  • If the drunk text is "ksldahvusjdb heyyyyy lets fcukkkk" then its a booty txt. But if the message is "i think yure an awesome girrlll and sexyy I lov you" then there is some feeling there. Don't let that be the first time he says "i love you" he needs to say it sober. BUT they say drunk words are sober thoughts. so if you've known this guy from a while and get a sweet but totally drunk text take it that he is interested in you for more than just a booty call.

    • Thats actually freaky, what you just quoted saying I think you're awesome etc. is what I've gotten from him in his drunken state but also several I want you texts and just simple hi babe or just a load of x's. I would be the last person to take a drunk I love you text in anyway serious, hence the arguement. Now I'm confused

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