Is it possible to be too nice?

The other I was talking to a friend and they inquired how the dating scene was going for me. For me it never goes well, I have a hard time meeting people. My approach has always been simple, a greeting and some small talk to start. For the most part I am a rather nice person and pretty laid back, I've always considered myself to be easy to talk to. I'm an average looking person, I have house, truck and a good paying job that allows me to support myself and my two kids. Talking to my friend about my inability to meet women, she straight out told me that my problem is that I am too nice. Is that really possible? I never thought that being nice would push women away. And I dont think I can intentionally be less nice when dealing with people. Dont get me wrong, I do know how to be mean. I have to be occasionally with my job as a corrections officer. But that's a completely different scenario. So basically, ladies I want to know. Is being too nice really that much of a turn off?
Is it possible to be too nice?
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