How often shall you ask a girl on a date when you already know you like her?

I've been on 7 or 8 dates with this girl and have already established that I like her. I can tell that she is interested in return but since day one has told me she doesn't call guys and likes them to be the pursuer. The problem with that is that I'm doing all the calling and some times she doesn't answer. How do I know she's mutually interested if she never calls because of her "rule"? I feel really dumb calling when she doesn't answer and sometimes don't leave a message because there's really nothing I want to say just chat and maybe ask her on another date. How often do girls like to be called when your dating and how often shall you go on dates. I'd like to see her every day if I could. I'm willing to do whatever I have to do not to screw this one up!

those are all awesome answers.! Ya.I definitely don't want to be just friends with her but she's easy to talk to so we end up talking for a long time. I need to now make sure she nows I'm interested in more than friends by little comments.


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  • At this point, she is probably testing you. If your assumption is right, and she does like you, then she is just testing to see how much she really means to you, and what you would do to get her attention.

    Dont worry if she doesn't call back, or never calls you. It really doesn't mean anything.

    When you call and she doesn't answer, maybe she is, not in the mood to talk, or "chit chat".

    What you can do is, have a purpose to call her. So when she answers and asks whatsup, you actually have something to say. Instead of, "Oh nothing ---". She likes you, but she assumes you're calling to talk about "nothing", so she decides to do other stuff instead. Or, she could just be acting like she's busy, so you would go crazy wondering whatsup with her, which is -- obviously working right now. But if you start calling with something important to say or ask, then whenever you call she will think, she has to pick up.

    Also, when you ask her out, don't make it a last minute thing, just yet. Make sure to ask a couple of days in advance. Girls like to know that guys are planning things for them, and the waiting time just makes the date so much more special.

    Some excuses for calling her:

    I was wondering if you would like to see this movie sometime. It is showing this week. --

    Me and my friends are going to (place) tonight, would you like to join us? Id love for you to. --

    You mentioned you were looking for a (thing), and I happened to see it at (place), want me to pick you up so we can check it out? --

    I ordered a family size pizza, was wondering if you wanted some --

    Im heading to (place), was wondering if you need anything there --

    They might sound lame, sorry, but that is all I can think of right now.

    Try not to call her too much, unless you have a reason too. I know you miss her, and would like to see her everyday, but girls like her require a lot of time, and effort. So, good luck, and don't give up :)


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  • Honestly, the girls who say they don't bother calling a guy they're interested in, make me so mad. If you like a guy, and want to talk or get together, call him already! Sorry, I just had to say it.

    Anyway, back to your question. I'm not really sure there is a good number of times to call someone you're interested in. I'm one of these people who doesn't like to be smothered too much by anyone. But, at the same time, if I want to talk to the guy I'm interested in, I'll call him. So try calling a couple of days after talking to her last. For instance, if you talked to her yesterday (Tuesday) wait until Friday to call her again. That way, it'll give her some time to realise "Wow, I'd really like to talk to him" and maybe she'll call you instead.

    I hope this helps.

  • girls like to be called all the time, but its not far for her to make you do all the work, she should call you too and if she has this "rule" of you calling and not her then she should answer. Ask her out whenever you want to go out with her even if it is everyday, girls like to feel wanted!

  • Ok then send her a text telling her you are thinking about her or something.send little flirty texts out of the blue to let her know you are into her

  • she prob want you to call her and don't just chat call. she mite not like calling you much either

    cuz she is prob nervous . but you can call her every other day to let her now ur interested!

  • Ok, well if you call her just to "chat" she might think you just want to be friends with her.she might be like "oh he is a nice guy and just wants to hang out." In order to keep the interest going and keep from falling into the "Friend" catagory, I suggest maybe 1-2 times a week calling her or maybe send her a text saying, 'Hey girl.I was just thinking about you.hope to see you soon." Or something flirty like that. I would suggest calling her only when you want to ask her on another date.this way she knows you like her more than a friend. If you went on ONE date with a girl and haven't been on any others but are still interested I would also recommend calling 1-2 times a week and/or sending a sweet/flirty text like above.since you are dating more than once and since she is not answering sometimes, maybe just call 2 times a week or throw in a text every now and then. You don't want to keep initiating the calls and calling her just to chat because that gets old and she might get bored. Let her guess at what you are doing by not calling her so much so the interest will be stronger. For the how often shall you go on dates, well If I really liked a guy I would go anytime he asked if I could. So that's really up to you and it varies by each girl. Maybe ask her about every 2 weeks or so or you could just go to her house and see her or something. If you go every day, even though I know you want to, she might think you are too clingy/pushy. You know she is interested if she keeps accepting to go on dates with you, answers your calls/calls you back, or responds to your texts. Good luck.hope this helped!


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