Is it wrong for an 18F to date a 15M?

She was under the impression that he was 16 when she was 17. But, he admitted that he was 15. A two year age difference wasn’t bad—that is, if they ever dated.

A month before her 18th birthday, he tells the girl he likes her. She likes him too, and they start dating. She discussed the age difference with him, and he wasn’t bothered at all. Yet, she knew that she couldn’t do anything sexual with him until he was 16 bc of the law, and she told him this (he was understanding).

Now, it’s past their two month “anniversary.” She’s 18. He’s 15. Is it wrong? Even if she saves being sexually intimate until his 16th birthday? And he’s fine with it?
Is it wrong for an 18F to date a 15M?
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