Any girls have a BMI between 16.0 and 18.0?

If you have a very low you keep it low by having an eating disorder or doing drugs. Or is it possible AT ALL to be that thin just naturally with modest workout and modest dieting.

Serious, I mean MODEST!

I find VERY SKINNY girls extremely hot. I get extremely sexually turned on by ultra thinness Unfortunately it seems like this thinness may go along with drugs, eating disorders or maybe constant smoking. These are all things that I do not like.

So, are any of you that thin, or know anyone that thin that accomplishes it without doing these horrible things to your bodies?

I want to find out if being that thin comes with a lifetime of baggage, or if some girls are just that thin.

I am thinking maybe Asian girls can pull it off safely and healthily.

Any knowledge or ideas.

And PLEASE, I don't want to debate or discuss the merits of thin girls or if bigger girls are prettier. I want to learn ONLY if it is possible to be super skinny and healthy.

thank you for taking my question seriously!

Let me also add that I want them to be at least 18. I realize little kids have low BMI's and I am in no way interested in such a thing.
It turned out that I should go Asian. Asians generally are thinner and have a lower BMI.

I met a great girl who is 5 foot 2 and 99 pounds. I LOVE petite girls.

That is am 18.1 BMI!

She is Chinese and she is 26 years old. So she is petite, tight and more likely to keep it off than a younger girl and does not do any drugs.



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  • It is possible with good genes and a healthy lifestyle.

    And yes, it is true, Asian girls have it easier.

    I have a BMI of 16.5 and it's pretty standard here. Lol.

    I guess I am a living example.

    I have joined an played in any imaginable sport and excelled in it. And, um, I have already done a full marathon. I feel healthy as ever!

    Guys seem to dig it too, well, guys will be guys.

    I also eat a lot, and please, no bashing on thin girls here...

    Everyone is beautiful the way they are, no matter what shape or size :)


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  • Genetics are really the deciding factor. There are girls that are severely underweight and they just can't gain. This also leads to nasty health problems.

    • what types of health problems.

      I am trying to learn here! I imagine they might have weak bones but cannot think of anything else.

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    • Week bones=osteoporosis,damaged organs,damaged reproductive system,excessive hair growth on the body to protect the skin...blahblahblah.

    • I'm not saying you're not healthy now.. but it increases your chance of osteoporosis in the future. Sometimes malnutrition is involved. Sometimes it can lead to you not absorbing all of the nutrients from your food and can cause a weak immune system. That's not considering the health problems that come if someone is struggling with an eating disorder and purposely denying their body nutrition. That list becomes much longer.

  • There are girls out there who can have that BMI, and if it's natural then more power to them. But it seems those numbers are more in girls who aren't doing something right, you know what I mean? Like, I have a friend whose BMI used to be around the 16.0 point, and she is currently in rehab for anorexia & bulimia, so with a body mass index that low, eating disorders or drugs will probably go along with it..

  • Some girls are naturally skinny, but most girls have to work out to keep a slim body. Some women do put their life at risk because they don't eat or throw up their meals. Let's not encourage them, there is no point in a girl being super thin if she is dead.

  • " am trying to figure out if being very underweight is DIRECTLY connected to being unhealthy. " no sh*t being underweight is directly connected with being unhealthy. its also directly associated with illness. go to any cancer cancer ward and I ll bet you ll find millions of under weight chicks.

    • so, if a girl is underweight, like the girls below that say they are naturally skinny, they are AUTOMATICALLY SICK.

      I think you are wrong.

    • If all extremely sick girls are underweight, does that mean all underweight girls are extremely sick?

      NO. Your logic is flawed.

    • i didn't say ALL underweight girls are automatically unhealthy, or that they are ALL sick, of course there are always exceptions, but yes, id say MOST with a bmi under 18 are one or the other, because being UNDER weight like being OVER weight is by by definition unhealthy.

      being naturally skinny is on thing, but being exremely thin is another. and at the very least you ll find most girls with that sort of BMI don't menstruate because there bodies don't have the resources

  • One of my closest friends is a pretty well known model and she has a bmi of 16.3, but her body fat percentage is in the fitness level. She's also an advocate against eating disorders and helped me deal with mine better. She doesn't do anything unhealthy, she eats whatever she wants and just weight trains a lot. If she doesn't weight train she actually can't stop losing weight no matter how much she eats.

  • I'm seventeen, 5'4 and 105lbs. My BMI is 18.0. No, I've never dieted, done drugs. I can say I'm a decently active person. I do eat a lot, but in small portions every couple hours. (I can't eat very much in one sitting or I feel sick) I'm guess what I'm saying is that it's very natural for me. I've been a very tiny person my whole life. It's in my genes as well.

    • I said I want them to be at least 18. Why, legally, yes. Also because any 17 year old can have a low BMI.

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    • Understood. Please be a little more clear with your comments and questions next time.

    • I put the over 18 thing on my update.

  • I am 167cm tall and 47kg in weight (which gives me a BMI of 16.9). No, I have never done drugs, smoked, had an eating disorder or anything. In fact, I have a very large appetite. I am 18, and Australian (so not only Asian's can do this). So yes, it is possible to be naturally that thin without the baggage that you are speaking of, as a fast metabolism is often genetic.

    • I have known a few very attractive and very thin Australian girls.

      They didn't eat any sweets. Maybe that is the big secret?

      Anyway, back to the Asian thing though, back in China and S. Korea where I just spent 5 months, most of the girls are this thin. So there HAS TO be some kind of correlation!

  • my bff is around 110-120 pounds and 5'9 or '10 , she super skinny, and I think its partially natural and the fact that she eats very little at times and seems to maybe have some kind of eating disorder.

    • the 110-120 ad 5 foot 9 to 5 foot 10 can make a REAL DIFFERENCE.

      A girl who is 5 foot 10 and 110 pounds is crazy skinny.probably closer to bmi 16. A girl who is 5 foot 9 and 120 pounds is thin.

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    • dude I was just curious not being rude or anything

    • Trust me, I get crap for this at all angles and all the time. I am just keeping myself safe.

      So the short positive answer to that question. I get super turned on by skinny chicks, and have no sexual interest from medium sized or large chicks. Though I find the medium size and large to be so beautiful. Just no sexual charge, at all.

  • I have a low BMI of 18.5, and I'm skinny. I don't do drugs and I try and eat healthily and I work out some. However, due to my low weight, I have damaged reproductive organs.

    • tell me about the damaged reproductive organs!

      If you want to message me to keep it private I understand. I REALLY want to learn

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    • Honestly, I doctor could tell you more than I could.

    • Ok...let me befriend a doctor, or pay to make an appointment with a doctor to ask them about skinny woman.

      :-) I think I would have started there if I could...

  • You want an underweight girl who doesn't do drugs or have an eating disorder?

    There are some...

    • Go on...


      And please don't say they are dead or 14 years old either please.


    • And?

      You want someone who is underweight YET you want them to be healthy by not doing drugs or having an eating disorder.No offense,but this is kind of offensive to girls who do suffer from ED's and YES there are some on here,not to mention this is only a trigger

    • I am trying to figure out if being very underweight is DIRECTLY connected to being unhealthy. I am trying to figure it out now. This is just like asking if all rocket scientists are super ugly nerds. There is no direct relation between being a rocket scientist and an ugly nerd.

      So, please consider my question a serious question and not a trolling question. I really want to know if it would EVER be possible for me to find a skinny girl this way. I also don't want to hurt girls suffering.

  • There's no such thing as a thin girl with no baggage.


    • To me, that sounds like saying, "there is no such thing as a muscular fit guy with no baggage"

      Just flawed logic.

  • Yeah, it is. Some people have sky high metabolisms.

    • I agree. My best friend eats all the time, does sports, etc but has a really high metabolism.

  • Hi, I'm 19 and have a bmi of 16.6 (I'm 5'10" and 116 lbs currently). I eat really healthy most of the time, but I do not have any type of eating disorder and I try to stay fit by doing yoga/running. I tend to lose weight easily and make an effort to stay above 115 lbs. I don't feel underweight, but my ribs, collarbones, hipbones, etc stick out and generally the guys I've been with seem to dig that? I don't think I look unhealthy though... I don't tend to get sick often and still get my periods like normal so I don't feel sick.

    • So then you are an example of what I am talking about.

      And by the way, I think MOST truly dig a girl with a body/metabolism/lifestyle like you.

      If women give you trouble, they are jealous. If men give you trouble, they only don't want to make the jealous women mad at them.

  • My BMi is 17, I'm 5'10", and I'm just naturally thin, probably because of my genes. I do eat healthily, but not fast food. I wouldn't say I'm skinny, just thin.

  • My BMI is 16.6 (5 foot 6, 103lbs). I have been this skinny my entire life. I'm constantly eating (I'm eating a little bit less than I used to now, but I used to pretty much snack nonstop in middle school, now I eat at meals and a snack after school) and the only excersize I get is walking to my various classes (though they are pretty spread out) and gym class. I definitely don't smoke or do drugs that would make me skinnier (I drink) so it isn't that. I just have a hummingbird's metabolism.

    Sadly, I am now starting to feel what could be the beginnings of an eating disorder (and the fact that I already recognize it will probably make it less severe/long lasting). This is because everyone I know has gotten used to my size and doesn't mention how thin my legs are, etc, as often but say it about other people. That was always one of my main distinctions or "things" so now I don't feel as good about it. The thing is, because my metabolism is so fast I have to eat every meal anyways, so it's basically just making me choose more fruits and vegetables (especially for snacks) instead of chips or something. Basically, I"m eating healthier but not much less. This is also a very recent thing, I felt perfectly fine with my body until the end of August.

    To answer your question, yes it is possible to be that skinny without drugs, smoking, or anorexia.

    • I should have added,

      without drugs, smoking, eating disorder or being under 18.

      how old are you?

    • I'm 16.

    • Most girls have an easier time staying thin until they turn 18. Your metabolism slows down around 18 I believe. You are doing the right thing by eating healthy! You will grow into your body and it will most likely be a very hot one if you take care of it.

  • I'd love to know this as well. BMI can be misleading though - some people have very dense bones, so they can weigh more but be skinnier. Black people tend to have pretty dense bones, so you might find that a black girl who looks as skinny as an Asian girl (who have quite low bone densities) weighs quite a bit more. White girls tend to be in the middle in terms of bone densities.

    But yes, some people just have that kind of metabolism. At my heaviest I had a BMI of 29, which is almost obese. At my lowest I had a BMI of 21, which is pretty healthy; presently it's 22. I'm trying to lose weight and my goal would give me a BMI of about 18.8. I used to be bulimic and I wanted to be 98lbs (sometimes lower) which would have given me a BMI of about 16.1. I sometimes wonder, if I'd ever got to that weight, would I have been able to maintain it in a healthy way? People do recover from eating disorders; you're not always getting caught up with 'baggage' if you get someone who used to have an eating disorder. So essentially, would it have been possible for me to maybe run for 30mins every morning and only eat junk food one day a week, and maintain that weight? I still wonder this for my current goal BMI of 18.8, though I think it's more likely in that case.

    There are illnesses like hyperthyroidism that can cause weight loss, though I'm not sure if that affects day-to-day life. There are other digestive illnesses that make it painful to eat, like Crohn's disease, that can make you thin. And of course drugs and eating disorders... but there are also people who just are that thin.

    I sort of hate you, but that's only because of my own past, and I realize it's not your fault and you can't help who you're attracted to =P fair play for not being so shallow as to demand a skinny girlfriend at any cost!

    But out of curiosity - if you give me a link to the kind of figure you mean, I could give you an estimation as to what her BMI really is. When you say 'ultra-thinness' I think of BMIs like 14 and 15, which is much less likely to occur without an illness.

    • I am thinking of really 17.5 to 18.5

      I have used real people, actresses, and good solid weight information of female friends to gain what I am looking for in the BMI.

      I am just wondering if the as low as 16 is actually possible with being healthy. That would be the dead bottom line of skinny that I would like.

      *dead bottom pun intended.

      But for a pic.:


      The picture of Jenna on the left is the body I like.

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    • It's definitely possible, just rare! Those girls are darn lucky!

    • I think I have the metabolism that girls wish they had. When I don't work out, I stay in pretty good shape. When I do work out, I do not bulk up at all no matter how much I try. When I do cardio while eating as much as I want, I lose weight fast and tone up quickly.

      Some people just have very very fast metabolisms. And I am has NOT slowed down.

  • Yep, some girls are just naturally very, very skinny due to high metabolisms and they can eat like cows. Must be nice/lucky.

    • just so you know, there are guys that eat like cows, don't work out..and have very muscular bodies as if they worked out and ate well!

  • mine is 16.9

    and I do not have an eating disorder. I eat a lot even if you want to believe it. I'm just naturally thin

    • and how old are you for the record?

    • 22

  • link

    Does this looky healthy to you?

    • those girls have a bmi of about 11 and under I am not an idiot. Your link is both uninformative, off topic and a waste of time.I think those girls look unhealthy and terrible.

      Ellen's ex girlfriend Portia De Rossi was 5 foot 7 and 82 pounds when she admitted she was anorexic and got help. That is a BMI of 12.8. And guess what, she was not NEARLY as thin as these woman are in your photos! Your argument is misleading toward my agenda. I imagine you are either a fat girl or don't know anything

  • It's genetics. I'm naturally very skinny no matter what crap I eat. Some people just have certain body times and its very difficult to change it.

    • If I were to look at a person's parents, would their body type be reflected in them?

      Like, is this a place to look at the mother and see what the girl will look like in the future?

    • Well my mum is pretty much the same size as me. I think so.

    • I dated a girl when I was like 21 who was 20. She was thin and had a hot body. Her mother was SEVERELY overweight. Like. 5 foot 8 and like 260 pounds.

      That now much bigger. And also, I did not break up with her because I thought she was going to get big. Don't even go there. ;-)

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