Is there any race of girls out there that predominantly prefer white guys?

I'm probably gonna sound like an insecure f*** which by the way I am many times but it feels like there's no actual race of girls that predominantly prefer white guys.
Black girls mostly date black guys and rarely date outside their race and if they do they go for latinos.
White girls tend to prefer black guys/mixed guys from what I've seen but many will give a chance to latinos. Based on my experience they are the most likely race of girl willing to experiment and date outside their race the most although I don't see them with Asian guys very much.
Asian girls even though some date and prefer white guys the vast majority seem to be conservative/traditional and generally only stick to Asian guys, because of cultural values (I assume?).
Latinas overall tend to date all races but I notice they generally go for latinos and black guys and often mixed guys. I see them with white guys and Asian guys too but definitely not as much as I see them with others.
Mixed girls... actually there are times when I can't tell if a girl is mixed or not, but those who looked exotic/interesting to me mainly date black guys I believe or other mixed guys.
Persian/Middle Eastern girls.. most of them are muslim and are forbidden to date outside their own religion and I understand that, even though the ones that are christian I notice they generally go for black guys. I don't know many though so I might be wrong..
Native-American girls are nowhere to be found these days to be honest unless you go to one of their areas but I highly doubt they will be very happy to see a white guy, LOL! joking a bit but that's the truth sorta.
Indian girls although more open minded in America than other places (I believe?) are still mainly attracted to indian men and I assume it's also the culture thing that kinda counts white men out.
The only type I notice mostly with white men in US are the filipinas but most of the couples I saw were 20-30 filipina with 50-60 white man. Not sure that's love...
Is there any race of girls out there that predominantly prefer white guys?
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