Is there any race/ethnicity of girls that actually prefer white guys generally? Why do white guys always seem to be girls last choice?

Asian girls are very traditional and even though plenty like or would date a white guy most only have eyes for Asian guys and Asian guys only.
Black girls.. even worse as they are the race of girls that almost refuse to date outside their race. Actually I really wonder if there are black girls in the world who even find white guys not repulsive at all as that is what it seems.
White girls used to prefer white guys in the past but nowadays they generally prefer black and latino men and a lot of them even talk trash about white guys even though they should just keep it for themselves and move on. Also I notice for most of them mixed babies are a must even though mixed babie are just like any other babies and besides its a creepy thing to wish for a mixed baby as he or she is some sort of accessory.
Latina girls are very traditional too and are very loyal to latino guys and also the language and culture barrier sometimes is too much. Though if they are willing to venture outside of their race they usually go for black guys and mixed guys almost never for white guys.
Native American girls have a very bad history with white guys and that could be one of the many reasons that native girls dont digg white guys and also they generally have strong values, love their culture, traditions, history.
Indian and arabic girls are pretty much like black girls as they almost never date outside their race and are almost dependent to their culture and traditions.
Yes, there are some that like white guys but most prefer other races over white guys to the point where white guys is their last choice.
Its sad man... it is like a feeling that even though you dont look for a girl or you did not even try, you are considered the lowest of them... and it hurts.


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  • ethnicity and it is based on what people see the most. if you see mostly white guys/girls then you will be attracted to them mostly. Skin color is just evolution so for me anyone who thinks that skin color makes a person better or worse is just stupid to point of mental retardation. A person is only as good as there personality and fact is anyone who thinks otherwise is generally good looking (according to society) and should and will be alone for ever.

    • I understand but can you try to explain it even tho skin color doesn't matter? Why aren't white guys as succesful as other races when ir comes to dating?

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    • Okay then explain the white girls situation. Most races presumably stick together. Thats why Asian girls prefer Asian guys, black girls prefer black guys etc etc.
      But how come white girls usually prefer black and latino guys even though they see white guys more often?

    • *sigh* the fact I need to explain for a third time shows you are clearly incapable of reading or understanding even the simplest of concepts. I am not going to entertain the stupidity any longer read it again and again until you understand what it means.

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  • I have never been attracted to white guys and Im white. Not my fault I can't control the way I feel about it.
    For most part you are right but you forgot to take into consideration that girls care about personality too.
    Yes most girls dont find white guys attractive but if you have a good personality they can change their mind.
    Good luck! Xoxo

    • Hmmm exactly what I was talking about...

    • Who said most girls dont find white men attractive? You are just a single fruitcake among millions of normal women. You are the exception, not the rule.

      And I myself prefer Asian ladies, they are all that you white girls never will be. Beautiful, rich, supportive, SKINNY, smart, ambitious and don't have a shitty personality. So even if white girls hate us I couldnt care less.

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  • My experience is that many Asian girls love causasian men. When in university I had a hard time with dating because all the Asian girls only wanted to date caucasians. And even now, a lot of my Asian friends are married to caucasian men... fyi I'm Asian

  • Those are all stereotypes. It depends on the girl and the guy

    • Stereotypes that are usually true

    • Nope. Not at all

    • What do you not agree with? what is that I wrote that you think is false?

  • I don’t prefer white guys over over other races but I could definitely date a Caucasian male


    • But overall why aren't girls into white guys? I know few are but most aren't... why?

    • how do you know most aren't?

  • Do some girls like Caucasian guys

  • Who cares about white girls? They are the lowest of the lowest anyway


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