What is the dfference between a "Date" and just "Hanging Out"?

There's this guy I worked with and I started to like him. I wanted to start talking to him besides work and so I shot him a message. I asked if he was going to our work's Christmas party and at first he said no. But when he came in the next day, he told me he decided to come. Fast foward to the the party, I found out he quit and that's why he wasn't attending before, but then he found out he still could come to the party. At the party we talked a lot, and at the end I told him we should hang out since he quit.

After I got home, he messaged me, and to sum it up, we talked for 2.5 hours. Towards the end he was flirting and he said: "We really should hang out like you said!" "it's been really nice getting to know you..." and then we made plans to hang out this Friday. My question is: how do I know if we really are hanging out or if it's a date? I've been on two dates ever in my life and both ended drastically (first date talked about is ex and the second date didn't realize he actually liked my sister until after our date from talking about her the whole time). So, what is it? Please help!
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It was a date! and it went really well :) he walked me home and gave me a kiss on the cheek and forehead~
What is the dfference between a "Date" and just "Hanging Out"?
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