What to do when your boyfriend wants a break but says he still loves you?

First off me and my man were hang out buddies for 6mths then dated for 6 then finally we got together. We been together for a year now and he said he wants a break. He says it doesn't mean were done and still wants to see me but on his time...says he still loves me a lot! We have had a rough last 8 months and emotionally he has gone through a bunch...i just don't know how to act or what to do...and before he got with me he wasn't the dating type he would usually only see a girl a couple times at the most cause he felt he was to young to be tied down and he had his heart broke a few years back...help?


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  • It is one of those issues of "Right woman, wrong time." That in my opinion. You both met up and probably was having a great relationship, but other things in each others lives begin to pile up (work, school, etc.). When that happens, then a relationship is not particularly viable.

    He is saying he is wanting a break because men need emotional space. A lot must have been going on in his life and he needs less responsibilities to focus on the more important tasks at hand. It has nothing to do with being too young or having his heart broke...nah...he wants to get established first and have everything ready so when he does come back around (to you), you both will be much happier. I hope that helps a bit.


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