If you are a male, you should try NOFAP! It will help your dating life. Seriously, what is there to lose?

Back when I masturbated all the time, no females wanted me, even in high school. I never even kissed a girl or got laid, and I am 20 now. Now, I am in college. Today, I had a woman in my math class who I am not even interested in because she is engaged to someone else and already has three kids, but is still very fine looking nonetheless, walk with me to class. She surprised me at first, because no female has done this to me since middle school. She was mostly asking me if I wanted her help with tutoring, or with some other subject. I was shocked! We were close enough to "feel" or "sense" each other's sexual energy/aura. She was really attracted to mine, but that conversation never came up. We were just wanting to know if one of us needed some study help, if we would assist each other. But the fact, that a female would even consider walking with me, to class, and able to feel each other's spiritual, and sexual energy/aura (she smiles at me, all the time in class, and blushes some) amazes me. I want to cry I am so happy, I am finally getting attention from females because of NOFAP. I literally cried when I got home today because of how I got to walk right next to a woman, and it made me feel so confident, and happy. I am finally going to get women chasing me now! I am finally going to get laid! NOFAP works! Thousands of men have reported similar results! They go on for much longer streaks than me. I have only gone on for a couple of weeks now, my longest is a month long streak, but it was summer time, and I only hang out with my close circles during summer, and this was right after I got back from summer camp in Tennessee with hundreds of strangers there from different states, so I couldn't test the female attraction theory then, because there were no girls to talk to. But now, I know it works. I will not FAP again unless it inside a beautiful woman! I will not release again unless it is inside of a vagina, female mouth, or female anus. Preferably a vagina. Try NOFAP
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This is not a joke! This is serious. NOFAP really works. Don't come here with a sarcastic attitude.
If you are a male, you should try NOFAP! It will help your dating life. Seriously, what is there to lose?
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