Would you date a girl who had sex with your brother in the past before she knew you?

I'm not too sure how i feel about this but i am optimistic about it.
I've been dating lately, trying to find a girl who is tired of playing games or games getting played on her in relationships.
This girl out of all the other options for a companion, is just different from all the others, i'm not only attracted to her, but i feel connected to her in a way.

Okay so there's this girl i met on fb & I really like her a lot & we're in love with each other.
It was an instant mutual feeling as soon as we started talking.
Even though we haven't met in person yet, we already have such good chemistry it's as if we already knew each other (but we didn't).
We seem to have quite a bit in common with each other & we both seem to be seeking for a good relationship that will lead to a long term relationship.
However, it has come to my knowledge that her & my second older brother had sex in the past, years ago and long before she met or knew me.

She told me without trying to hide it,
here's what she said: #1 "I f***** bali 1 time but it was like 2 years ago and I know y’all are brothers and I just wanted u to know that before we start our relationship i wanna tell u everything so u will trust me ❤️💯"
#2 "Ugh I hope your not mad baby I just wanted to b straight up with you😩❤️‼️"
#3 "I really like you too baby and I wanna fw u rs that’s why I told you that I’m not keeping no secrets between us ‼️💯 I love you fr"
#4 "❤️🥰 good lets just put that in the past ❤️ I love you babi and. Wanna b with you forever🗣"

I don't know I feel like there is still hope for us being in a relationship and have a good life together, but i couldn't see me, her & my brother hanging out.
Your thoughts?
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Would you date a girl who had sex with your brother in the past before she knew you?
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