Is my boyfriend hugging and giving too much affection? Or is this normal?

Here are some examples, please let me know if this is normal or way too much. And if too much, like I suspect, what do I do?
So what annoys me most is this, I could be talking about something I really care deeply about in great detail, and the entire time I'm talking he's kissing my neck or kissing all over my face. It frustrates me so much, I just want to look him in the eyes and share my thoughts comfortably. Nope, can't happen apparently. Not only that, but when we first got together I tried telling him a story once and he literally shut me up by kissing me in the mouth, doing this throughout the story. I got him to stop that part at least.
Another thing that happened just today that got to me really bad, was a game we watched together. So I tried bouncing up and cheering for a sweet play at a volleyball game, it took me half a second to realize I was held hostage. He had a hold of my belly and back, rubbing me with zero care about where we were, he was generally all over my space to where I couldn't do anything almost. I tried playing it off, by simply saying "Jeez, you're all over me right now" but he just pouted and sat down. Didn't even watch the rest of the game, I felt terrible and angry at the same time.
And this is the last part, might be my fault to a point, but I'm not so sure. When we're just at home, chilling, all he wants to do is cuddle. No video games, no nothing, barely wants to watch movies, cuddling is almost the only thing he wants to do. And when we do, he likes to kiss my neck all over. I don't like neck kisses but I almost feel like I owe him all this cuddling and, whats in my opinion, over affection. So I let him do whatever and just hope it doesn't take too long? I do kiss him and hug him, but what's up with everything else coming from him? Should I tell him to stop all of it? It's getting to the point where I get angry every time he touches me.
But anyway, thanks for reading all this and replying. I desperately need to know what to do.
Is my boyfriend hugging and giving too much affection? Or is this normal?
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