Why is my boyfriend so incredibly clingy?!

Alright, so we met in January through a mutual friend. I became interested in him around March and we got together around the end of March. I found out I was pregnant at the end of April, on the 27th, to be exact.

Now, I'm starting to be a little worried. The day we found out I was pregnant at the doctor, he immediately started saying he loved me, and we had only been together a month. I tried not to go along with it, but he kept pitching fits about it and saying, "You might as well get used to it."

He also got very clingy very quickly. I'm usually a very cuddly, sweet girl and I don't mind affection or love. But I am also very realistic and feel there is no way for me to love him that quickly, nor him me, even with a child in the picture.

He's even acting kind of like a teenage boy about it, which we are not teenagers. I'm 19 and he is 23.

Recently, my step father died and I had to go back to my mother's house to help take care of her and my 12 year old sister because my mother is too hysterical to really take care of my sister and my sister is not old enough to support herself or cook anything on her own. It is really not an optional situation or something I can get out of, nor something I want to get out of because it is giving me a chance to be closer to my family which I never have been.

He texts me and calls me 24/7 asking when I am coming back and is constantly asking me when I can come back. He says he needs me and misses me and really, legitimately thinks he NEEDS me there.

The first time I had to come help them for this problem, it was the day my step dad died and I was at my mom's for about a week. I came home, but my older brother rang me and said he had to go back to college and work and could not be here and needed me to come back till he could get some time off work and school. So I had to go back the next morning.

When I told my boyfriend, he got unreasonably angry. He kept telling me how selfish, bitchy, and childish I was being. He keeps accusing me of cheating on him and he got right in my face and yelled at the top of his lungs about how I am not affectionate enough or loving enough.

Because ever since I have gotten pregnant, it makes me feel queasy when people try to touch me a lot. Not just him, even if my friends are trying to hug me. Or even my family. I just don't wanna be touched.

His behavior is driving me kind of crazy, and I'm scared if I break up with him he will get violent and the baby will die.

I love my baby, but I feel like he put WAY too much pressure on the relationship (which was still new, mind you) once we found out I was pregnant. I do not like where our relationship is heading. He is not understanding, has absolutely no trust, and is wayyyy to clingy and over bearing for me.
Why is my boyfriend so incredibly clingy?!
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