Any perks to dating a younger guy?

Definitely a dumb question, lol.
I know there are.. I'm just curious to see if the public has some positive points I might have skipped over.

I'm currently crushing on a 20 year old coworker and logic.. (apprehension?) is telling me I'm thinking with my vagina and I'm going to regret it.
But I'd like to be wrong about that.
What have you guys got?

So innocent it's cute?

More Spontaneous?


Optimistic glow?


I feel kind of fucked up about it.
Like I know he's of age but..
I'm slightly ashamed of my VERY STRONG animalistic urges..
I feel like I'm going to overwhelm him with my overly freaky, PTSD having, darkness embodying self 😅

Someone try to talk me out of this..
It won't work but TRY
Any perks to dating a younger guy?
Any perks to dating a younger guy?
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