Dating 10 years! No sex?

Me n my girlfriend have been together for 10 and never had sex. She says she’s waiting until we’re married. I’m still a virgin, she isn’t. So this doesn’t make sense to me. I know a relationship isn’t 100% about sex, but. The only reason a couple should never have sex is if there is health issues that get in the way, and we’re both healthy!

I’ll be honest, other than not having sex she is a good girlfriend. She comes over on her off days preps my meals for the week. Can’t remember the last my I fed myself. She’s been supportive through my rough times.

Regardless of how good she is I’m ready to just leave all that behind. I’m starting to regret my time wasted. She tells me “I can’t live without you”, but that doesn’t mean anything at this point.
Dating 10 years! No sex?
She most likely cheating
She’s not cheating she’s just weird
Either way it’s not worth it leaver her
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Dating 10 years! No sex?
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