Do u guys think he was being honest with me?

I met this guy. So we had a really good day he took me out and paid for me and he was just really nice and I can tell he was attracted to me as he couldn’t take his eyes off me. So after he asked if I’m sure I wanted him to come to the hotel room with me and stay and I said yes. We had good eye contact and the chemistry was there. So the whole time he was holding my hands while driving we got to the hotel and things got heated and had sex. He kept asking my permission tho if he can touch me how we don’t have to have sex but it just happened deep down I knew he wanted. So after sex we cuddled he asked if I’m okay and he’s sis kept on calling him cause she was having issues with her car and he even said to me she’s annoying him. So he was like to me “im gonna go home and have shower and sort all that out and will be back.” He pinky promises me and asked if I need anything when he comes back.

Him: Won’t be long just having an argument W my sis she’s annlyong me

Me: Lol stop arguing with her. 🙄😂

Him: She’s acc annoying me she wants use my car but she hasn’t even got any fuel atallll. So gotta sort that to annoying

Me: Don’t worry take your time. 😂 be nice to her pls 🙄 after he didn’t reply. So then I put
Me: Everything okay? An hour later I got worried and put “hey u coming or not? I’m waiting lol. Then I called he didn’t answer. So in the morning I texted him
I’m really worried is everything okay? And 10 mins later he replied with

Him: Hey omg I’m so sorry I was cold when I got out shower so I got in bed and like a dumbass I fell asleep

Me: are u serious?

Him: Legit woke up rn :///

Me: Or u just didn’t wanna come back and start ghosting me as soon as u got sex.

Him: No it’s not that I legitimately fell asleep I was tired to I don't know how I fell asleep didn’t even take my car either

Me: hmm🤔 come now then before I go or don’t If u don’t wanna.

Him: Just got ready to take my car rn

Me: okay dw

Him: sorry I’ll come to see you end of next month.
+1 y
Also we’ve been talking for 5 months and we just got on very well.
+1 y
However he is still texting me and I’m sure if he got sex and started ghosting he wouldn’t still be texting me back? I’m I just overthinking?
Do u guys think he was being honest with me?
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