Do you believe in the phrase "20 percent of guys get 80 percent of the girls"? because I think it is true

Would you say that 20 percent of guys get 80 percent of the girls? I personally agree with that, well not literally, they got that phrase from the 80-20 rule, which is something they use in Business, if you are studying it. The way I see it is that there are more guys out there that struggle to get girls, and I mean anything, they struggle to get an actual girlfriend, a serious or non-serious one, long-term or short-term, a fling, one-night stand, casual sex, etc. than girls who struggle to get guys.

I was expecting more answers by now, lol
I would like more answers please


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  • I agree to the fullest, after all since us guys unfortuneately have to initiate, that makes guys being more prone to not knowing how to get a girl, girls don't need to know how to get a guy, they just get one


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  • That's because women are more attractive than men.

    Even an ugly girl is more attractive than an ugly guy.

    It's going to get worse.

    Women are naturally hotter. Survival of the fittest is for men. Survival of the hottest is for women.

    Thanks to evolution, women are quite literally getting progressively better looking, while men are stuck staying the same. Through observing 2,000 people over 40 years, a recent study showed attractive women have 16 percent more kids than average-looking ladies, and that beautiful people are 36 percent more likely to have a girl as their firstborn. Do the math -- all those gorgeous girls mean a greater number of stunning women than that of prior generations.

  • I don't think it's as drastic as 80/20. Maybe 40% of guys get 60% of chicks. In general, the people who are out hooking up are hooking up with each other.

    • well obviously more guys struggle than girls

    • I think those numbers are even pushing it. In pretty much every circle I know, there are bunches of guys doing it with bunches of chicks. It might just be that like 70% of people are banging each other and 30% of people aren't.

    • well for dating and relationships, not so sure

  • that sounds about right

  • The difference is that when a girl is single she's not usually going to make a huge deal of it. Society thinks that a girl needs to be able to handle herself without a man at her side, but no such thing is expected of men. While a girl would rather have a boyfriend, we're more patient and we'll either wait to find a guy, or wait until one shows interest. It's more trying not to look desperate. A girl would probably be looked down at if she said "I really need a boyfriend" while a guy can say "I need a chick" and not get any flack for it.

    It's a bit sexist, but it's true.

    • society,culture, and you girls expect us guys to be way more independent than you do

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  • Haha, I'm going to have to remember that one.

    One problem though, I'm positive more than 20% of guys are d***s to women.

    • That's okay, more than 80% of the women are chasing them.

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    • yeah, I hate how girls will not admit that they have it easier in the dating scene

  • agreed, because girls have tons of offers throughout their lives, true that 90 percent or more of them may be random creepers, guys they are not into, but since they don't have to initiate, they are bound to eventually meet the right guy while being passive. A guy can take initiative, and "man up" but there is no guarantee a girl will welcome his advances

  • yeah I agree with this. but I also think that 80 percent of girls only go after guys who think 20 percent of the time.

    lots of stupid dudes out there making babies. that's why we have so many idiots.

  • I agree with this!

  • I agree with that

  • I don't know, I don't even think about that kinda stuff lol.