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Is it reasonable that my prison pen pal ghosted out on me?

Was writing this guy in prison as I was bored and I study criminology I got curious
it went so well for about 7 weeks he called me, texted everyday asked me for nothing except conversation. His sis even spoke to me on the phone.. he taken a lot of interest in me and got kinda jealous of my guy friends irl. We then after 7 weeks had two arguments.
We argued once, I could tell he lost respect, i then blocked him for two days, so he couldn’t text. that’s made him mad. when I unblocked he told me why he’s mad, I was so busy that I replied with kind of “sorry omg won't happen again” and quite coldly / trying to change subject & brush it off. He then asked me for money the next day I ignored it then he asked again the next day. I knew he lost respect...
i called him out, we argued he was being very careless, forgetting we’re in diff time zones (when he used to be very on ball about that)
I said mean stuff in the argument he too said horrible stuff in the argument, I shown my friend then screenshoted it and put it in a FB group alongside a picture of him to the group that had thousands of people in it its a group where they post prison inmate abusers, scammers and cheaters, and kinda of made it look one sided.
bascially most of them slated him mostly his appearance and taken my side. He found out about the post and pretended to forgive me so I did send money but now he rarely talks to me and when he does it seems forced or he just asks for “nudes”.
Is it reasonable that my prison pen pal ghosted out on me?
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