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A guy likes me... I'm lesbian. Tips?

Emotional blackmail?

I have internalized homophobia because of my mother not accepting me and I decided "fine. I'll try a date with this guy." This guy has been my friend for years. He knows I like girls.

The 'date' was at my house where we watched a movie. Nothing happened. So we go to school together and I often notice cuts on his arms but I dont say anything. He often skips class and comes back saying things along the lines of "I was at the bridge but I'm so weak I couldn't do it." And trying to get people to pity him.

Everyone always comforts him when he's down. Everyone compliments him to try help him. Everyone does their best to not be mean go him or hurt him. The second he doesn't get his way he's back crying about how hard life is for him.

So he texted me last night. He asked when we could try again. I told him I was sorry but I liked girls. I told him he's a nice guy but I only see him as a friend and that plenty of people would love to be with him. He says he knows. He said it hurts to be around me but it hurts when he's not.

We call and I propose we just stop seeing eachother. He told me it would just hurt more. I told him I was sorry and I can't help I dont like him but I know he can't help that he likes me. he's liked me for years. 3 years apparently.

I spoke to a friend about it and said "fuck him he does this all the time and he does it to me and if he were really that depressed he wouldn't be acting this way he says he cuts cause of me" and so I decided to block him.

I blocked him on everything he can talk to me with. I plan on avoiding him at school from now on.

Did I do the right thing? What else can I do? I've been stressing about this for ages. I need help...
A guy likes me... I'm lesbian. Tips?
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