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”Having it all” as a woman, does that scare men off?

My mother’s always told me I can only date/marry a man at “my level” or above. I always though that was a very ignorant statement. I’ve always thought highly of myself as a person but I’ve never thought I was anything more special than anyone else. Now that I’m older I understand what my mother was saying. I don’t agree with it but as society is it makes sense and seems to be true.

Not that I look back I see that men I’ve dated/ been together with have been conscious and uncomfortable with my family’s wealth, connections and social status. I live away from my family and have a normal life where I support myself.

Me and my boyfriend broke up and he thinks that if he had worked harder, was more successful or had more money he wouldn’t lose me. He’s now obsessed with “making it”. And I would leave all the fortunes in the world to be with him. Even my last boyfriend though that he wasn’t good enough.

My type is a nice, loving good guy. Usually the guys I fall for are smart guys with good but regular jobs. I like the average joe, a family man. But personally I strive very high when it comes to work and success. Basically I want a man the opposite of my father and want to be a woman the opposite of my mother.

Now I genuinely fear that me becoming successful or/and rich on my own could cause problems with my future partner. I know being with a man that is similar to how I am would be better but those type of men are not my type.
”Having it all” as a woman, does that scare men off?
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