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Could you date someone with cancer?

I’m 31, single and attractive, but I’ve recently been diagnosed with a very rare cancer which means I’m chronic for life and there’s no cure per se because there isn’t a lot of research in what I have.

My hopes in meeting someone and establishing a relationship is up in the air and while I should be and will be focusing on myself now, there’s a part of me who would still like to meet the love of my life. I might not be able to get pregnant because I’m on the drugs but having a family is something I’ve wanted.

I was seeing someone before Covid, but because of it we’ve maintained more a civil friendly relationship and I can’t expect him to stick around. He knows I’ve been unwell but I haven’t broken the news to him because I don’t think he will be give me the emotional support I need just from how he’s been reacting with my health.

Could you date someone who has cancer? Could you walk this journey with the other person knowing this information? Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!
Could you date someone with cancer?
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